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No Red Ink Video Tutorial: Teaching Grammar With Style!

I’m really excited to share a new teacher tech tool with you today!  Although, I am just getting started with it, I think is a tool to keep an eye on!  Here’s why I love it:

  • There is a free version (After I use it for a bit, I may upgrade, but it is nice to try it free!). It also appears to be growing rapidly in topics and such.
  • It covers a lot of the grammar topics that my high school students still struggle with, but I don’t really have time to teach in the older grades.
  • It allows students to pick topics of interest like sports, popular TV shows, disney, etc. These topics are then woven into grammar practices, keeping students engaged.
  • Students can practice as much or as little as needed before testing so that differentiation is built in. Students can work at their own pace with as much scaffolding or independence as they need.
  • The record keeping on the teacher side is very clear and easy to follow.

Here’s my quick video tutorial showing off the goods.  Let me know what you think in the comment section below.


End of the Year Tips: Pinterest Round Up

Last week, we gave away a free end of the year survey to help improve pedagogy and this week we are continuing the celebration of the end of this school year with a pinterest round up of awesome ideas to wrap up 2013-2014!  We wish you the very best end to the school year and a restful summer!  Don’t forget to stop by every week for more teacher inspiration!

Tips and Ideas for Ending The School Year:

Note: Click on each picture to check out the whole post/original source and click here to see all of our awesome teacher idea pinterest boards!


I love this idea of creating top 10 lists!  You could use this at any grade level with a whole host of topics!  0f11d424aaf120624d43e19e342f59e3

This super cute picture frame idea may have to be a little bigger for my fellow high school teachers, but it could add up to a really cute decoration and it’s a cool way to capture the signature of the next famous scientist, athlete, or writer!78e1bdf81fae46b18e8c386125df99e0

It is never too late to get prepared for next year!  Check out these tips and resolutions that can generalize to all of our grade levels.

When I think of the end of the school year, I think about celebrating summer with my family, but I really like the idea of celebrating with students at the end too!

 Finally, I’m sure we all need tips for packing up that classroom!  This post has a bunch of creative and smart ideas for you!

What tips do you have for ending the school year with a bang?  We’d love to hear them in the comment section below!


Free Download: End of the Year Teacher Survey!


I remember the terror of handing out my first end of the year survey to my students.  I was thoroughly convinced that they would come back completely extolling all my virtues or completely destroying the last shred of dignity that I had as a young teacher in May.  To my utter shock, I have uniformly had the opposite situation.  Students have been incredibly honest and fair with me. Some things they love, some things they hate, some things just needed a little tweak.  Since I have found student surveys so beneficial to honing my craft, today I want to share with you my simple survey along with the reasons why I suggest you give a similar one.  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

Reasons to Give an End of the Year Survey: 

  • Learn what to edit out or change. We all have these grand plans that sometimes fizzle out.  No matter how amazing the assignments, projects, or methods sounded in our head, the bottom-line must be student learning.  I don’t think that we have to make everything a carnival ride, but we should know if some assignments are doing more harm than good.
  • Learn what necessities need to become more palatable.   Every student on my survey can write about the challenge of the research paper or the unsatisfactory ending of The Great Gatsby, but that certainly does not mean I will edit them out of my class.  What I can tweak based on student feedback, is the presentation and timeline of events.  Again, it is all about student learning.
  • Create continued equity. I want to know if students don’t think I’m not fair or if I get positive reviews only from girls with As.  Equity in education is paramount.
  • Validate the good. I’m not going to lie.  I love reading my glowing reviews.  In my humble opinion, teaching is one of the hardest careers and it can really wear a person out.  Sometimes we need confirmation of the good we suspect we are doing.
  • Consider other perspectives.  Of course students cannot dictate curriculum with their surveys because they come from a limited perspective.  By the same token, we  will be much more effective educators if we take the chance to walk a mile in our students’ moccasins.

Tips for Proctoring the Survey:

  •  Make a list of the class readings and major assignments/procedures/methods and write them on the board during the survey so students can remember what has been covered and how.
  • Consider using Google Forms so you can easily see the data and run some analytics. (More on Google Forms in the classroom here!)

Click here for the FREE DOWNLOAD of my simple survey that you can make your own!  Feel free to leave questions, comments or concerns in the comment box below and check back every week for more teacher tutorials, tips, and tirades!

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