101 Writing Prompts for Fall!

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Massive collection of writing prompts to celebrate fall! 101 Writing Prompts for Fall includes writing prompts for Research papers, Argumentative/Persuasive Essays, Expository Essays, Descriptive/Narrative Essays, Response to Quote/Response to Literature (Poems) prompts, and Creative Writing prompts. 101 in all; can be used well in Grades 7-10.

Sample prompts:
Research the origin of the celebration of Thanksgiving. When was the first Thanksgiving and why was it celebrated? When did it become a national holiday? Why do we traditionally eat a large meal on Thanksgiving Day?

During the holidays, many people are left without family at a time when family becomes most important. In a persuasive essay, write about what teens can do to be there and help others in need at this lonely time of year. Why is this selflessness important? How can helping others make someone feel?

The last Saturday in October has been observed as National Forgiveness Day. Who should you forgive, and why?

Explain and respond to the following quote by Albert Camus: Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.

Suggested poems for analysis are also included.  Just $5.00!

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Thanksgiving “Gratitude” Haikus

This FREE Thanksgiving Haiku writing activity not only introduces the idea of Haikus, but also allows students to create amazing poetry about themselves! Students are asked to create 3 different haikus “I am thankful,” I am grateful,” “I appreciate.” While these are synonymous, students are prompted to choose three different themes to explore.

This product includes a one-page explanation with example, plus one color and one black and white paper for student display, depending upon whether you have access to a color printer or color copier or just one with black ink only.

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