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Harness the Power of Text and Receive Immediate Info with

One of my awesome co-workers went to a conference recently and brought back information about a cool new edtech platform called celly.  It is a secure way for teachers, students, parents, and other education professionals to communicate via the web, text message, or the celly app. I’m just beginning to think of all the ways this platform could be used to harness the power of student device love to enhance my instruction.  Below is an introduction to this cool new tool. including a couple of ways I could use it in my classroom.


  • For students using text instead of the app, standard text rates apply so students need to work responsibly
  • The platform is free for the basic options, but it is $5/mo for teachers to have more advanced assessment

What do you think?  Could you use this in your classroom and if so how?


Create Classroom Engagement and Collaboration with Google Presentations!

Google Presentations

Today, I am excited to bring you a tip for using google presentations to create classroom engagement and collaboration.  This idea is a combination of a project that a colleague of mine has done for years, the inspiration of Catlin Tucker’s vocabulary instruction (she is really amazing), plus of course, my deep seated love of socratic seminar, novel study, and google drive (full tutorial here)!  This project puts ownership in the hands of students and frees up a lot of my time for meaningful writing feedback instead of a ton of prep for teaching a novel.  Check out the Youtube video below for the specifics of my project:

How could you tweak this to use google presentations in your classroom?  I’d love to hear your feedback and ideas! For other amazing resources in writing and novel study, be sure to check out Secondary Solutions!


Explain Everything: Using iPads in the English Classroom {Video Blog}

Explain Everything

I just found an awesome iPad app that can be used by teachers and students to capture and annotate images and video lectures.  Explain Everything is perfect for the flipped classroom and also for increasing access to information in the traditional classroom.  It can easily be used by students to create assessments or by teachers to create lessons.  The possibilities are boundless, but I put together a video blog with 3 options that I could see implementing into my curriculum easily.  I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions and ideas, so please comment at the bottom!


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