Moving Off Your Plantation

Bound, shackled and in some cases even mentally beaten by our environments, our family, friends, and traditional practices. One of the strongest links in the chain of bondage has been our mindset. We do things that we really do not want to do. We work on jobs that we really do not want to work on. We have become restrained by events or circumstances that restrict us from living out what we were created to do. We have become reduced to making a living for someone else to live out what they were created to do. According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Freedom is not the right to do as we please but the right to find how we ought to live in order to fulfill our potential.”

However, there is also that little something that peaks our curiosity, grabs our interests and causes us to explore a little further. It’s that opportunity that we consider when we say, “If I could do it all over again.” It’s that thing that we’ve developed a little passion for. But of course we cannot pursue that because we already have something (our plantation) that we’re tied to. It’s paying the bills but not paying my way to satisfaction. It’s given me experience but not the experience that I really want. Sometimes you just know and you sense that there is some untapped greatness just sitting there on your shoulder waiting to be thumped. “All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have equal opportunity to develop our talents,” John F. Kennedy.

How do you change your mindset and recognize something that is so ingrained in your being that you’re not conscious that there is a problem or uneasiness? You recognize that a change has to come. You want to change your mind, change your situation, and change your place. You have been treading water and not swimming. You have just been staying afloat of your current situation by continuing to dog paddle, not drowning, but not advancing either. Decide to swim and begin to stroke the winds of change. Turn your situation around and swim towards higher ground. Recognize your plantation and begin your journey with passion.

Once you have an OFF THE PLANTATION EXPERIENCE, it changes how you view that JOB that you are chained to every day. It changes how you respond to that person in the mirror who is looking back at you. It’s like an ah hah experience, it’s that thing that starts your engine roaring and your wheels turning, because so many don’t realize how deep their feet are stuck in the rich soils of the master’s plantation. “Only free men can negotiate; prisoners cannot enter into contracts,” Nelson Mandela.

Embrace the experience of taking the shackles off your mind so that you will have the freedom to pursue your dreams and walk in your created destiny.

It’s time to pick up your belongings and begin your journey off of your plantation. But not so fast. Remember to pick up all of your belongings. Take with you your good work ethic, the experience that you have gained and all of the positive relationship skills that you have acquired because it’s time to build a generational empire to pass on to your children’s children. This is a journey to getting off your plantation, moving into your creative destiny, and sharing your experience!