Enduring Edges of Eternity

When we tiny organic beings awaken our baleful bones from the misty clouds of dandified and dazzling dreams, we usually wander into the restroom and gaze hopefully into the mirror, hoping that our mental, physical, and emotional facilities are all in good working order.

We attempt to modify what we peer at with all sorts of chemical products in order to alter and adapt what we were born with into a dashing and handsome dude, or a beautiful and alluring dudette, so the rest of the world will believe that what they perceive is worth communicating with.

Then we cloth ourselves with apparel, step outside our abode, and present our smiling faces to the world. Some of us plan to get an edge up on a promotion, some of us plan to get an edge up on rush hour traffic, and some of us just try to get an edge up on anything, any where, at any time…no matter what we are attempting to get an edge up on, welcome to the rat race…we have become what I refer to as “nano-bots” — creatures that hurry and scurry from one teepee we have called home, to another cave we sometimes name a job.

We have forgotten how to enjoy everyday life, for now our ambitious minds and enduring bodies just hope to survive and find a little happiness each day…we have basically put an edge on almost anything we do, and therefore built a wall on the edge of our lives – we now a abide in our own personal universe!

However; since hope springs eternal, our sometimes doleful, and once in a while happy, selves can and should realize that the edges in our lives can be erased, rolled over, demolished, actually destroyed to a point that they no longer exist.

In order for us to accomplish such a feat, we only have to understand some facts about our universe and life itself — for instance: it’s a far gone conclusion that the edge of technology is never ending, constantly inventing new products and services, producing faster methods, and creating new opportunities that never existed before.

The edge of change is only there until we make the decision to change. The edge of a good idea can motivate on forever. The edge of wisdom is blocking us only until we decide to learn. The edge of our curiosity is limited only until we compel our selves to seek new methods of improving not only ourselves, but also our families, neighborhood, and country.

The edge of poverty dies when greed dies. The edge of depression ceases to exist when we give ourselves permission to get up and do something about it. Of course, the edge of true love has never existed at all.

And are we aware that the edge of forever is only in our minds? Do we realize that the edge of our universe is constantly expanding…as should we! Plus, the edge of having fun with our children is only there until we prove we love them by listening and understanding what they are trying to say.

We can literally make the edge of feeling sorry for ourselves completely disappear into thin air, when we latch onto our talents and abilities, and pursue them, for we will have discovered that now is the magic moment we can change our lives and ourselves.

Also folks, if you sincerely wish, crave, desire, want, fancy, have a fondness for, hope to, and seriously have an itch to take the edge off of whatever seems to hold you back, you absolutely must remember this — whether you know it or not, you do have the inborn capabilities to accomplish almost anything your heart yearns for.

It begins by grabbing some paper, a pen or pencil, writing down your dreams, and laying out the steps needed to attain them.

Then, the really absolute beautiful, advantageous, warm, righteous, pure, and noble result will be when you once again gaze into your mirror, and realize that not only can you do it, but that the edge of having real faith in yourself has faded into oblivion — for the edge of your dreams are the edges of your enduring faith in your self. Now just imagine what you can do next!