The Benefits of Appearing Confident

Not many people realize how confidence can change ones life. It may be just one’s self-belief, but it affects a whole lot more than just whether or not the person can speak up for themselves. It also affects how others see them as an individual. Most, depending on the type of confidence one has, will benefit the individual. The top three I find:

Earn respect

Most respectable people in this world would not have gotten to where they are now if they didn’t have that confidence in their inner selves telling them they will succeed and that they themselves are a success. If they didn’t have that belief to say they are something and can make a difference, they would not have gotten to where they are now. Their struggles and perseverance would have been a key factor to their success, hence, the respect they get. It all works in a nice little way – they believe in their abilities, they work hard to achieve success and they earn respect. Is that not a benefit of having confidence?

Be heard

When you have confidence, you will be heard! People have too many respect for you to ignore what you have to say. If you were a shy person, with that sweet little voice talking, how can they ever hear you? When you have that self-belief, you will be able to speak up and let everyone hear you and what you think. It’s not always about what information you have, it’s also about getting to know people that would prove your confidence. So, get that belief in yourself pumping and speak up. If you get haters, well, you can always ignore them and move on. After all, if they weren’t there, what more can add the spices to your life and make it flavorful?

Share ideas

Now this, I think is really important particularly for business people. When you’re thinking of setting up your own business or only to work on a school assignment even, you would want others to share ideas with you so that you can improve on your project and they can improve on theirs. A ‘win-win’ situation as I see it. All it takes is you to have the guts to talk, and invite others to talk as well. What more can a person ask for than the ability to socialize with people easily and see others’ points of view as well as their own?