7 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

It is true that 99.99% of people see their New Year’s Resolutions flop if not on the second day of January or at the latest at the end of January. It is frustrating, and many will vow they will never make them again because they are useless. Allow me to disagree.

Many people fail at their New Year’s Resolutions because they don’t do them right. Here are 7 reasons why yet again, your good-will will be transformed in mere chimera.

1. You don’t write them down

It is imperative that you handwrite your wishes. If it is a true wish, it comes from the heart, and so it needs to follow the path: heart, arm, hand, and thumb. The latter has a unique pulse that, when used correctly, transform thoughts into concrete manifestations.

2. You think lack or negative thoughts

Never write: “I don’t want a headache next year,” for the Universe always says yes, regardless of our positive intentions. “Headache? There, you’ve got it!” Instead, state your wishes using positive words: “I will be healthier than I’ve ever been” works better. “I want to get out of debt.” Ouch!

3. You don’t write a date

Give the Universe a deadline. It puts your mind into it also, and your positive focus on the matters you wish to happen to you will be more easily granted. So, instead of saying: I want a new car, you say, I want a new car by May of 2006, or whatever year you are thinking about.

4. You are not grateful

Thank God, or Spirit, or the Universe, whomever you feel more attuned to. Do it as though you have received the gift already. You can also incorporate some feeling of already having what you wish. This way, you are sending good vibes out and sure enough they will come back to you.

5. You are not flexible

You keeping nagging the Universe and don’t allow time for manifestation. Perhaps there are even better things coming up if you wait a little longer. Suppose you have asked for $250,000.00 by March and this amount never comes to you. If you wait and trust, you will probably receive not $250,000.00 by March but $500,000.00 in May instead. Not bad, huh?

6. You don’t wish for perfection

Very important. Suppose you want $300,000.00 to buy a new house. If you don’t ask for perfection, your present house may be burned down and you get $300,000.00 to pay for the expenses. This is not a perfect manifestation.

7. You don’t expect miracles

Remember the “Miracle of the Fishes?” There were no fishes in the basket, but Jesus thanked all the same for manifestation. Do the same. When you thank for things yet to be manifested, you are showing your trust that they will come to you. Remember that the Universe always says yes, there is no question about it.

There are also other things you can do to have your wishes come true during the New Year. But, if you do these ones right, you are more likely to have 80% of them manifested before the end of the year of even before your deadline. Go for it.

Happy New Year!