First Kiss Everyday

Still remember your first love? Yes, we certainly agree that first love will never be forgotten. When you experienced the meaning of someone’s presence in your lives, yearn to talk to and feel her. All new wonderful things came to fill in your heart. We still remember the moment our hands touched, coupled with a full sense of happiness. Remember the first kiss? Who don’t?

When you just have a partner, a girlfriend, wife or husband, you have so much passion and love. Willing to sacrifice everything, devote our lives to her, and forgiving comes out so easily. Over time, the passion somehow decreases. We start counting with what we have given, spending much time to enjoy our own activities, and easily get upset when she made mistakes. Where did that passion go?

There was a man regularly visited a restaurant in town. He noticed a woman who always sat at the same table with a waffle. He became attracted to the woman and managed to take her acquaintance. He did it.

One day a servant told him that she had experienced severe accidents. Severe brain injury made her unable to remember anything she had done on previous days. The only things she remembered were the street from the house toward the restaurant, her table and the waffle.

That fact did not make the man subsided. Although on the next day she wouldn’t remember who he was. He had to find ways to attract her again and again, to make another new date. Everyday he attempted to made her fall in love. When they were kissing, it would be the first kiss for the woman. She got the first kiss everyday.

What we have done with our spouses? We may often forget to try to make her fall in love. We may be too proud on the sweet memories have been made. That won’t bond her for good. Isn’t it beautiful to nurture it every day so that it always blooms and blossoms? Flatter her as if you’ve just met her. Hold her hands as if you never feel the warmth of love. Make her feel the first kiss everyday.

(Inspired by a film starring by Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore).