The Dash by Mac Anderson

Mac Anderson knows that people like personal and professional motivation as much as he does, and that people love quotes in the same way. He has, on several different occasions, selected motivational quotes and items that were important to him in order to express a point to people about their own lives. His images in the Dash are meant to uplift and to provoke thought, to impress upon us how much or how little time may be left with which to offer ourselves to the world around us.

Using the words of Linda Ellis, author of the Dash, Mac Anderson offers up to all of us how easy it is to forget the world around us and to concentrate too much on ourselves and not enough on others. His imagery is well suited to the Dash, Linda Ellis’ poem about the meaning of the dash on a headstone.

The wisdom that he offers with simple photos added to the words brings amazing depth to a poem that already holds a meaning so deep that it has inspired millions. Mac Anderson has a way of using imagery to impress upon us the meaning of life, the joys that we can find there and the reasons for making the most of it.

Anderson is a master of offering books and inspirational quotes to the masses, in helping us to see what really is important and what will bring lasting joy and happiness into our lives. The books and the videos that he creates bring very simplistic, yet inordinately powerful messages to us in a way that is difficult to misunderstand in any way. In his own words, his book, Finding Joy, can “quickly put a smile on your face and re-direct you to what’s most important in your life.”

Mac Anderson is a master of compilation and brings you gorgeous books, videos and motivational literature that is tantamount to the most meaningful things you will read in your lifetime. Some of the most amazingly beautiful parts of our life will be those things that can’t be seen or touched, but must be felt with the heart and held in our minds. That is the very wisdom that will be found in the Dash Video by Mac Anderson.

The movie and the book, The Dash, by Mac Anderson are an amazing way of reminding you how much you have to live for and how very short life can be. Live it as if every day will be your last day. Offer yourself to those who are around you and in whom you take the most pride and pleasure and be sure that they know how much you care and how much you gain from your interaction with them.

Being rich, being successful, having a large home, those things are passe, they simply don’t count and don’t last when they are stacked up and compared to the things that really count in a person’s life. The dash that lies between birth and death is the sum of all that we are. What will your dash stand for and when it comes time to offer up the sum of your life, what is being said about the meaning of your “dash”? Is it something that you will be pleased to hear and take pride in? Do those who love you most know how much they mean to you? The Dash, by Mac Anderson and Linda Ellis, is a simple reminder that we all need to slow down and take a little time for those we love.