29 Golden Truisms To Apply To Improve Your Life

IF YOU DON’T start, you cannot hope to finish.

If you run before you can walk you will fall over.

If you don’t train, you won’t have the skill or technique to succeed.

If you disrespect your elders, your peers, and your subordinates you cannot earn their trust and you have no love.

If you don’t submit to authority, you don’t deserve to be respected for the authority you wish to wield.

If you ask someone to do something and they don’t do it and you don’t know why you have no place in leadership.

If you don’t try, you will definitely fail.

If you pick yourself up before others notice you have fallen, you never fell.

If you don’t commit to that which your life is telling you to commit to, you are fooled by only yourself and in the company of those who observe you in your life.

If you give yourself another chance you have received God’s grace.

If you don’t attempt great things, great things will never be achieved.

If you love someone even though they secretly hate you, God will give you the powerful ability to forgive them.

If you don’t insure against tragedy, those regrettable events may take place and there will be no recourse to remedy.

If you ask someone the way to go and they tell you, but you ignore them, you will be lost.

If you don’t take a chance on life, life won’t take a chance on you.

If you are prepared to risk, you are prepared to receive a return. But a foolish risk will return you debt of pain.

If you don’t depend on God, you won’t find yourself independent to the world.

If you stubbornly hold to what can never be yours, you will lose everything.

If you don’t woo yourself to virtue, virtue will not be won to you.

If you promise to love gallantly, God will give you that very thing.

If you don’t have children, you won’t have anyone to look after you in your old age.

If you apologise to your child when you are in the wrong, your child will live honestly before you. Your humility enables their honesty and courage.

If you don’t take the steps to climb the mountains that beset you, you won’t journey past them into the golden and glistening vistas that God has ordained for your destiny.

If you moo like a cow and a baa like a sheep when you have young children your children will invest that sort of attention in their children.

If you don’t knuckle down and learn by diligence, you won’t win the acclaim that hard workers win.

If you run after the one who runs away from you in order to make amends, you will win their friendship.

If you don’t push through on the journey through hell, you won’t make it through that dark and desolate place.

If you run too fast for too long you will get tired.

If you don’t choose to see or hear or understand, you won’t learn a thing about life.

© 2014 S. J. Wickham.